Abawi: file missing persons and property based on research in the Prime Minister’s visit Kuwait today

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The agent said the former Iraqi Foreign Ministry, however, Abawi, Wednesday, that my missing Kuwaitis in Iraq and Kuwaiti property are based on research between the Iraqi and Kuwaiti sides in the Kuwaiti government delegation’s visit to Baghdad.

He said Abawi for “obelisk” that “these files which have been agreed upon previously will be subject debates the basis of this visit will be signed once the agreements in this regard was signed a memorandum of understanding in the security file, which included a file missing Kuwaitis and Kuwaiti property lost was agreed to transfer the file from Chapter VII to Chapter VI, and to continue efforts bilaterally with the United Nations. “

And Ray Abawi “The visit will be an important and falls within the framework of bilateral relations and to continue high-level visits between the two parties will be the biggest part in the work schedule the visit in addition to bilateral relations and the signing of memoranda of understanding is the subject of Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations, especially after the successes that have been achieved over the past months, most recently Foreign Minister’s visit Hzxiar Zebari to Kuwait and the signing of memorandums of understanding in various fields between the two parties. “

He pointed out that these notes focused on “the land boundary and an end to the subject of border markers and compensation to farmers and build a new city for farmers who would be forced to leave their land and maritime borders and agree on a joint administration for the conduct of vessels in the Khawr Abd Allah.”

He also noted that “the door of cooperation of Iraq and Kuwait will open the way to address the Security Council for the purpose of ending the provisions of Chapter VII in these files and the remaining one file is the file of compensation” is probable that this file is “one of the themes today and this will be Iraq has emerged from Chapter VII.”

He noted that he “will be agreed today to end this file and the exchange of ideas and visions to reach a common understanding and Iraq regularly pays compensation imposed on him and if it is to continue Order Vsafa of Iraq of its obligations by the end of 2015.”

He pointed out that the port of Mubarak file “will not be discussed because so much research and focuses on the Iraq port of Faw where the Ministry of Transport in the process of giving licenses to bumpers and declared stages of the port of Mubarak to upholding the interests of Iraq.”

The visiting Prime Kuwaiti government Jabarak the Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah Iraq on Wednesday on an official visit last for hours.

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