Kurds Agree to New Iraq Government, Opening Door to US War Strategy

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BAGHDAD, Iraq – Embattled Iraq’s Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds cobbled together a last-minute government on Monday, as Washington said it needed an administration in place immediately before stepping up its role in the war. Saleh al-Muttlaq , a Sunni, and Hoshyar Zebari, a Kurd, were sworn in as deputies to the Shiite Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, in a power-sharing deal that broke weeks of deadlock. Iraq’s Kurdish... 

Hungarian companies want to enter the market to invest in Iraq

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announced the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce, the desire of companies to enter the Hungarian market to invest in Iraq, through the implementation of large investment projects, especially in the industrial sector, while expressing its readiness to provide all facilities to foreign companies for the purpose of investment in Iraq. The head of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Jaafar al-Hamdani told / JD /: “There is a great... 

Rafidain Bank: ATM is part of the evolution of the payments system

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Baghdad He Rafidain Bank (ATM) step have a positive impact on the movement of daily trading to individuals and companies. The bank said in a statement received by the Agency for News News (et) “The ATM is part of the evolution of the payments system in the developed world economically,” and that “the provision of such advanced technology facilitates the deposit and withdrawal of citizens without the... 

NATO waits a government of national unity in Iraq to intervene militarily

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A political source said that “there is a large external pressures on the political blocs to form the government on Thursday or Friday to ensure the NATO’s help for Iraq militarily to eliminate the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.” The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / “The leaders of the NATO will hold a meeting on Thursday and Friday in Wales to discuss a number of the files including, the possibility... 

Negotiations of forming the government stumbled

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parliamentary source, close to the Iraqi forces coalition, confirmed that the “negotiations on the declaration of the new government continued to dawn today without reaching a consensus around it.” He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / “The negotiations lasted to the dawn today and the new thing is this matter there is a reluctance in the negotiations, and it may back to earlier square... 


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